Powernap, Ambiente

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Powernap, Ambiente

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1. Power napping

2.Sweet siesta

3. A little sleep

4. Catnap

5. Forty winks

Total time 65'16"

Getting enough sleep is vital for health and productivity. According to new studies, nothing tuned up mind and body like a good nap. But there is an art to catching the right amount of z's: this art is called power napping. The music of power nap has been specially researched to find chordal patterns and sounds that actually encourage deep relaxation and help you to sink into a short restful sleep out of which you will be gently awoken by a soothing voice. The music will aid in slowing down your respiration, your brain activity , your eye and jaw-muscle movement so you can embark on a restorative nap from which you will emerge feeling refreshed, re-energized, positive and ready to face the rest of your day. 

The album contains three 18 minute tracks, the ideal time for a power nap and two 5-minute tracks for short super efficient micro naps that will fit nicely in a high pressure schedule of meetings and deadlines.