10 Step Stress Solution- Neil Shah


10 Step Stress Solution- Neil Shah

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Too busy to get everything done?

Lie awake at night worrying and fretting?

Feel helpless against your hectic schedule?

It is all too easy to feel out of control in the modern world. With so many demands on your time and energy, you can feel overstretched and overburdened. However, there are easy ways to gain control and banish your worries for good.

This handy book from Neil Shah of The Stress Management Society offers a simple 10-step plan with practical solutions for easing the pressure and gaining control of your life.


Find out how to:

- Manage your time - at work and home

- Regain your balance and lift your mood

- Improve your concentration and motivation

- Get a good night's sleep and stop worrying

The author Neil Shah is the founder and director of The Stress Management Society and an international authority on stress-management and wellbeing issues. He has helped thousands of people tackle stress through one-on-one coaching and workshops, and travels all over the world to teach his unique stress-management techniques.