Live Longer by Sally Brown


Live Longer by Sally Brown

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“Even if you feel that you’ve had a bum deal in the genetics department, you can still live a long and healthy life. In fact, anti-ageing scientists believe that only 1 in 10,000 people die of old age. The vast majority die prematurely of what we’ve come to term ‘natural causes’. In fact, cell structure studies show that biologically our true lifespan is 110-120 years!
All the advice you’ll find in Live longer is achievable and can be fun too! Some of the best anti-ageing strategies involve having sex, drinking red wine and spending time with friends. So, live long and enjoy!”
Sally Brown.
Whats it about?
Keeping healthy and getting to a ripe old age needn’t be boring and hard work. By building Sally’s 52 inspirational ideas into your daily life, you’ll greatly increase your chances of living a longer and healthier life. Sally reveals:
• How to defuse your genetic time bomb
• What your real age is
• Help through using herbs
• Why booze can be good for you
• The importance of less cake but more birthdays
• What not to eat
• Why sex is such an important factor for living longer.

The author, Sally Brown has been a journalist for 17 years specialising in health and fitness. She was Deputy Editor of Zest magazine and Lifestyle Editor of the Sunday Times. Rapidly approaching 40, she has become increasingly interested (her friends say obsessed!) with anti-ageing strategies.

Title: Live longer.
Sub-title: Your whole health route to longer life.
Format: Paperback.
Size: 210mm x 171mm.
ISBN: 1-904902-27-8.
Pages: 256.
Price: £12.99.
Publication date: April 2005.